Aglutinina De Amendoim Marcado Com Fluoresceina -Fr/5Mg

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Aglutinina De Amendoim Marcado Com Fluoresceina -Fr/5Mg

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PN:  FL-1071-5


Peanut agglutinin binds preferentially to the T-antigen, a galactosyl (β-1,3) N-acetylgalactosamine structure present in many glycoconjugates such as M and N blood groups, gangliosides, and many other soluble and membrane-associated glycoproteins and glycolipids. With certain exceptions, the receptor sequence for PNA is normally sialylated which prevents the lectin from binding to its receptor oligosaccharide (see Jacalin). Even sialic acid which is not bound directly to the receptor sugars may inhibit binding. The presence of calcium ions in diluents can enhance the binding of PNA to receptors, possibly by neutralizing the negative charges on sialic acid residues adjacent to the receptor sequence.

Fluorescein labeled Peanut agglutinin has an appropriate number of fluorochromes bound to provide the optimum staining characteristics for this lectin. This conjugate is supplied essentially free of unconjugated fluorochromes.

Excitation maximum: 495 nm
Emission maximum: 515 nm
Color: Green